Best 5 web designing courses for beginners

You can learn new skills on the Internet and make or change your career with those skills. Web designing is one such skill that has a high scope and can be learned on the internet. Here are the perfect online web designing courses for beginners who want to learn web design from scratch.

WIntroduction to UI Design: Coursera

The Introduction to UI Design by Coursera highlights the significance of user interface in designing. This course provides professional-level methods, designing, theories, and infrastructure of UI. It proffers a better understanding of the user interface that is used at present. Coursera provides this course with complete online/ digital learning & adjustable deadlines; enabling the aspirant to study according to his/ her schedule.

Designer Track: Bloc

If you already have slight experience in web designing and are looking for an adept course, then the Designer Track by Bloc could be a great choice. This course emphasizes creating a refined skillset in the individual with comprehensive knowledge of the web design field. It renders all essential information on UI & UX; making the individual industry-ready within weeks.

Full Stack Web Development for Beginners: Skillshare

An all-inclusive course for beginners to learn everything about website and application designing. It is apt for newbies, who have an interest in making their career in the web designing field. One can easily grasp all information about Responsive Web Design, HTML, and CSS by undertaking this course. Starting with a basic introduction of HTML, this course takes a deep dive into its use and functions. After learning HTML, the individuals can also learn CSS, while performing practical.

Learn Responsive Design: Codecademy

Get extensive knowledge of responsive design techniques by signing up for the Learn Responsive Design course by Codecademy. This course updates individuals with the importance of responsive techniques in designing a website. It also provides various projects & practicals for getting them exposure to the professional field. This course will educate you with the utilization of media queries & relative units, for designing a website.

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Who should learn Web designing?

Individual who wishes to make their career in web development should opt for one of these courses. Graphic designer or digital marketer can also learn basic web development in order to upgrade their skills.

No qualifications are required to become a web designer but most of the web designers have some kind of experience in designing i.e. they have got offline training of web designing or they know the web design basics from schools and colleges. Though few courses are tailored for beginners. There is no special requirement for the beginner’s web development course.

All you need an internet connection and laptop.

What to expect for the beginners’ course?

The course generally includes:

  • Web Technologies Introduction
  • HTML and XHTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Responsive web design with Bootstrap
  • jQuery and jQuery UI


In this tech-savvy world, web designing has a high scope. There is a fair chance of success and growth in this field. To become a web designer, you should have some prior knowledge of computer operations and programming languages and tools. When you acquire certified courses in web designing, a promising career path in this field will be open for you.

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