How Much Do Coursera Courses Cost?

Are you looking to get certificates, take a college course or even earn a degree from the comfort of your home? You can try out online learning with Coursera courses for a token. How much do Coursera courses cost? Learn about Coursera subscription plans, the different modes of plans, and individual course plan here.

Coursera Courses and Pricing

Coursera offers educational opportunities under five categories: individual courses, specialization programs, professional programs, MasterTrack certification, and online degrees.

Career skills to jumpstart your future.

Individual Courses:

This is a single class study where one can complete a course and receive a course certificate afterward. Courses offered here include computer science, personal development, information technology, and more. The time to complete individual courses is about 4-6 weeks. Coursera certificate cost range from $29-$99, but some courses are also free.

Online Degrees:

 Coursera offers online degrees in business, data science, and computer science, public health and engineering. Unlike the individual courses and specializations, to study any degree course in Coursera, you must gain admission or be admitted by meeting all requirements. Time to complete the programs ranges from one to three years. Coursera fees for degree courses range from $10000 -$25,000. For instance, the Master of Business Administration cost is $21,384, Master of Computer Science cost is $15,000, and Global Master of Public Health is $12,000.

MasterTrack Programs:

With MasterTrack certificate courses, learners can complete portions of Master’s programs that have been split into online modules. The courses are offered by top universities at affordable prices. At the completion of any of the MasterTrack programs, you earn a high-quality university-issued career credential from a top university.

Benefits include deeply engaging experience, real-world projects, and expert instruction.  However, the most important advantage of MasterTrack programs is that you are accepted to the full Master’s program, your MasterTrack counts towards your degree.

Coursera Courses Cost

For instance, by completing the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization MasterTrack Program offered by the University of California, Davis, you can earn credit towards the Master of Arts in Geography degree from the university. Completion time for each program is between 6-12 months.

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The cost for the MasterTrack certificates are:

  1. Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization –$3000
  2. Supply Chain Excellence – $2000
  3. Instructional Design – $2384
  4. Construction Engineering Management – $2000
  5. Machine Learning for Analytics – $4000
  6. Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship – $4000
  7. Software Engineering – $4500
  8. Big Data – $4500

Specialization Programs:

These are a series of related courses that can be taken to master a specific topic. To acquire a specialized certificate, then 4-6 months will be needed to complete the courses.

Some shorter Specializations have only three courses and you can complete them in three months. For longer Specializations can have as much as ten courses and take up to a year to complete. Coursera subscription cost ranges from $39-$89 per month.

Most courses here have a 7-day free trial, and one gets billed afterward. Courses offered machine learning, deep learning, and more. Learners can either enroll in a single course or the entire specialization. You’ll earn a certificate for each of the courses that you complete in the Specialization.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate by Grow with Google (300x600) - 2

Professional Programs:

Find your path to a new career and gain in-demand skills like Information Technology and data science with Coursera professional programs. These certificates start at $39 per month subscription fee after a 7-day trial. These affordable and career aligned training programs are taught by expert instructors from top universities and instructors.

Coursera Professional Certificates and their monthly subscription fees:

  • Google IT Support – $49
  • IBM Data science – $39
  • Arizona State University TESOL – $49
  • IBM customer Engagement Specialist – $99 (one-time payment)
  • Google IT Automation with Python – $49
  • Cloud Architecture with Google Clouds – $49
  • IBM AI Engineering – $49
  • IBM Applied AI – $49
  • DATA Engineering – $49
  • SAS Programmer – $49
  • Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud – $49
  • UCI Project Management (four courses)- $777 per course (one-time payment)
  • IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner – $79
  • SAS Visual Business Analysis – $79
  • (ISC) Systems Security Certified Practitioner – $1000 (one-time payment)

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Is Coursera Worth It?

Definitely, Coursera is worth anyone’s time. The platform boasts of several opportunities for one to expand knowledge, and consequently, earn more. Coursera offers over 3000 courses and partners with top universities in the world. The classes are affordable, and most are free enrollment options.

With over 37 million learners on Coursera, then it is undoubtedly the best option for online learning. The courses offered at Coursera are timely and excellent for improving real-life skills and practical knowledge. So the watchword here is to take classes free but pay if you need a certificate.


Here you have it, the different courses offered by Coursera and the answer to the question, How much do Coursera courses cost?” You can go for an affordable choice, depending on your educational goals. The courses offered here can propel your personal development and career to a higher height. So if you are seeking to learn new skills at an affordable price, then try Coursera courses.

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