Complete List of Udacity Free Courses in 2020

Online educational platforms make it easy to learn new skills at your convenience. Whether you’re looking to get a better job or improve your career, MOOCs are making this possible.

However, with so many available resources, it can be challenging to make a choice. If finance is one of your worries regarding e-learning, Udacity free courses make it easy to upgrade your skills without paying. In case, you wish to test other MOOCs platforms also, you can read our detailed article about Udacity Vs Coursera.

The focus of this article is to dig deep and clarify if the courses are actually free.

Is it possible to learn for free on Udacity? And if that’s the case, what’s the catch?

Udacity Prices

It offers a series of courses leading to a micro certificate that Udacity calls ‘Nanodegrees’. Udacity Nanodegrees are categorized into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Learners who complete the projects get the certificate. The current cost for these micro degrees is $399 per month (the average duration to complete each course is between 2-4 months. You can save monthly by going for the three-month access at $1,077 (with this deal, it’s $359 per month).

Don’t want to pay? The good news is; you can still attend many of the courses that belong to these Udacity Nanodegrees free.

Udacity Free Courses

The e-learning platform offers about 196 free courses. However, you won’t get a certificate on completion. This is ideal for those who are looking to learn new things without the need for certifications. These courses are part of paid Nanodegrees (a series of classes resulting in a Nanodegree certificate on completion). But learners can audit individual courses.

However, not all courses in all the Nanodegrees are free. Unlike in previous years, when Udacity released many of the courses under its Nanodegrees for free, the number of free Nanodegree courses have been drastically reduced. Udacity currently offers fewer free Nanodegree courses. Most of the courses that are part of the newer Nanodegrees are not free. To access them, you have to pay for the Nanodegree (the whole package).

The Udacity free courses updated list of 2020 is given below category-wise.

Udacity Android developement Free courses

Offered ByCourse NameSkill coveredLevelAction
GoogleAndroid Basics: User InterfaceAndroid Development, Building Layouts, Android Studio, Views BeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid Basics: User inputAndroid Development, Java, Object Oriented Programming, BeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid Basics: Multi screen appsAndroid Development, Intents and Activities, Data, Loops and Custom BeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid Basics NetworkingAndroid Development, JSON Parsing, HTTP Networking, BeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid Basics Data storageAndroid Development, SQLite, ContentProvider, CursorAdapter &BeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleFirebase in a Weekend : IOSAndroid DevelopmentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleDeveloping Android AppsAndroid DevelopmentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleMaterial Design for Android DevelopersAndroid Development, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crash Reporting, Firebase Remote IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleKotlin Bootcamp for ProgrammersAndroid Development, Firebase, AnalyticsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleDeveloping Android Apps with KotlinAndroid Development, Layouts, Intents, UIIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleFirebase in a Weekend : AndroidAndroid Development, Material Design, Surfaces, Graphic DesignIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleFirebase Analytics : IOSAndroid DevelopmentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleFirebase Analytics : AndroidAndroid DevelopmentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleBuild Native Mobile Apps with FlutterAndroid DevelopmentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid PerformanceAndroid Development, Performance, OptimizationAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleAdvanced Android App DevelopmentAndroid Development, Fragments, Libraries, Firebase, EspressoAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleGradle for Android and JavaAndroid Development, Gradle, JavaAdvancedEnroll Now Free

The Udacity offers 17 courses free of cost in the Android Development category. All the courses are designed in collaboration with Google. Out of 17 Courses, 5 courses are of beginner level, 9 courses are of intermediate level & 3 courses are of Advanced level.

Udacity Career Advancement free courses

Offered byCourse NameSkill coveredLevelAction
UdacityProduct Manager Interview PreparationProduct Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, Design BeginnerEnroll Now Free
Grow with googleStrengthen Your LinkedIn Network & BrandPersonal branding, LinkedIn, Networking, Career AdvancementBeginnerEnroll Now Free
Grow with googleRefresh Your ResumeResume writing, Company targeting, Storytelling, Career BeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityCraft Your Cover LetterCreating a narrative, Targeting your pitch, Communicating value, Career AdvancementBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityMachine Learning Interview PreparationInterview practice, Machine Learning, Career AdvancementIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityData Structures & Algorithms in SwiftInterview practice, Swift, Data structures, Career AdvancementIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIOS interview PrepInterview practice, Common iOS Questions, Whiteboarding, Career IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityFront End Interview PrepInterview questions, Common FE Questions, Whiteboarding, Career IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Grow with googleVR interview PrepInterview practice, Common VR Questions, Whiteboarding, Career IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityFull Stack Interview PrepInterview practice, Common FS Questions, Whiteboarding, Career IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Grow with googleIntro to Data Structures and AlgorithmsInterview practice, Python, Data structures and Algorithms, Career IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityData Science Interview PrepInterview practice, Common Data Questions, Data Structures, CareerIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Grow with googleAndroid Interview PrepInterview practice, Common Android Questions, WhiteboardingIntermediateEnroll Now Free

There is a total of 13 Courses in Career Advancement which are being offered by the Udacity totally free. These courses are designed by the Udacity and Grow with Google. Most of the courses are job oriented in which learners will get interview skills & tips for specific category interview. In this category of courses, 4 courses are of beginner level and 9 courses are of intermediate level.

Udacity Artificial Intelligence Free Courses

Offered byCourse NameSkill CoveredLevelAction
UdacityEigenvectors and EigenvaluesLinear Algebra, Eigenvectors, EigenvaluesBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Descriptive StatisticsDescriptive Statistics, Estimation, Central Limit TheoremBeginnerEnroll Now Free
AWS deepracerAWS DeepRacerMachine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, AWS DeepRacerIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Probability, Logic and IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntroduction to Machine LearningMachine Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
TensorFlow LiteIntroduction to TensorFlow LiteTensorFlow Lite, Deep Learning Models, Android, iOS, LinuxIntermediateEnroll Now Free
TensorFlow LiteIntro to TensorFlow for Deep LearningTensorFlow LiteIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Facebook AIIntro to Deep Learning With PytorchDeep Learning, PyTorch, Neural Networks, CNNs, LSTMs, Style IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleA/B TestingA/B Testing, Experiment Design, StatisticsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechMachine LearningSupervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Information Theory, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
TwitterReal Time Analytics with Apache StormData Analysis, Real-time Analytics, Apache StormIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechMachine Learning for TradingPandas, Time Series Analysis, Computational Investing, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Zipfian academyData Visualization And D3.Jsd3.js, Design of Visualizations, Data Visualization, Visual IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Intro to Hadoop And MapReduceBig Data, Hadoop, MapReduceIntermediateEnroll Now Free
FacebookData Analysis with RR, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data VisualizationIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechMachine Learning : Unsupervised LearningRandomized Optimization, Clustering, Feature Selection, Feature Transformation, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechBig Data Analytics in HealthcareData Analytics, Health Care Applications, AlgorithmsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechIntroduction to Computer VisionImage Processing, Stereo Geometry, Feature DetectionIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityLinear Algebra Refresher CourseAlgebra, Python, Vectors, IntersectionsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, Probability, Bayesian Networks, Logic and IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Artificial Intelligence for RoboticsProbabilistic Models, Kalman Filters, Motion Planning, RobotAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Facebook AISecure & Private AISecure & Private Artificial IntelligenceAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechKnowledge Based AI : Cognitive SystemsSemantic Networks, Common-Sense Reasoning, Logic & AdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechReinforcement LearningTemporal Difference Learning, Value Iteration, Policy Iteration, AdvancedEnroll Now Free
AT&TModel Building and ValidationQuestioning, Modeling, Validation, Data Analysis, QMV ProcessAdvancedEnroll Now Free

In the Artificial Intelligence category, 25 free courses are available. The free courses are designed in collaboration with top tech companies like Amazon Web Services, TensorFlow Lite, Facebook Artificial Intelligence, Google, Georgia Tech, Twitter, Zipfian Academy, Cloudera and AT&T.

Udacity Data science free courses

Offered ByCourse NameSkill CoveredLevelAction
UdacityIntro to Data AnalysisData Analysis, Python, numpy, pandasBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacitySQL for Data AnalysisSQLBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Inferential StatiticsInferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, T-tests, ANOVABeginnerEnroll Now Free
InsightSparkSpark, SparkSQL, Spark Dataframes, Data Wrangling, Machine LearningIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechDatabase Systems Concepts and DesignDatabase Management Systems, Relational Algebra, Sequential IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Data ScienceData Analysis Process, pandas (Python package), MapReduce IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechData Analysis and VisualizationR, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, RegressionIntermediateEnroll Now Free

The Udacity has offered free courses in Data Science also. However, the number of free courses available are less compared to other categories. These courses are of foundational nature and will help learners to get required skills for Advanced Data Science Courses.

Udacity Programming and Developement Free Courses

Offered ByCourse NameSkill CoveredLevelAction
UdacityIntro to PhysicsKinematics, Dynamics, Trigonometry, Periodic Motion, BeginnerEnroll Now Free
San Jose State UniversityIntro to PsychologyPyschology, Research Methods, BiologyBeginnerEnroll Now Free
San Jose State UniversityStatisticsStatistical Research Methods, Data Visualization, Distributions,BeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to StatisticsProbability, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential StatisticsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to HTML and CSSHTML, CSS, CSS Syntax, HTML Syntax Problem SetBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityData Visualization in TableauTableau, Design of Visualizations, Visual EncodingsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleIntroduction to Virtual RealityVR development, Unity, Google VR SDK for Unity, General BeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacitySwift for BeginnersVariables and Constants, Strings, Control Flow, FunctionsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacitySwift for DevelopersVariables and Constants, Strings, Control Flow, FunctionsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntroduction to Python ProgrammingPythonBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityVersion Control with GitGit, Version Control, Creating a Git repo, Editing commitsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
SalesforceIntro to Point and Click App DevelopmentSalesforce App Development, Schema Building, Data ModelingBeginnerEnroll Now Free
WechatWeChat Mini Program DevelopmentProgram DevelopmentBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityShell WorkshopShell, Using Terminal, Running command-line programs, BeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityNetworking for Web DevelopersHTTP, Domain Name System, Ping, TCP/IP stack, IP addressingBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityJava Programming BasicsJava Programming, Java Syntax, Java Functions, LoopsBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityHTML5 CanvasHTML5 Canvas, Canvas2D, Creating animationBeginnerEnroll Now Free
Amazon App storeEngagement and Monetization Mobile GamesGame Development, Monetization, EngagementBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityLinux Command Line BasicsCommand line interface (Linux server), Terminal and ShellBeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleLocalization EssentialLocalization, Google Translator Toolkit, Localization at GooglBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityWriting READMEsREADME, Markdown, Making code easier to readBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Java ScriptJavaScript, Conditionals, Loops, Data Types & VariablesBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityHow to Install Android StudioAndroid, Android Studio, JavaBeginnerEnroll Now Free
GoogleUX Design for Mobile DevelopersAndroid, UX Design, User-Centered DesignBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityWhat is ProgrammingProgrammingBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to AlgorithmsAlgorithms, Social Networks, Graph AlgorithmsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacitySoftware TestingSoftware Testing, Debugging, Code CoverageIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacitySoftware DebuggingDebugging, Python, Automated DebuggingIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityProgramming LanguagesIntroduciton to Programming Languages, Validate and Process Strings, HTML and JavaScript, BuildIntermediateEnroll Now Free
AutodeskInteractive 3D GraphicsAnimated 3D Demo Program, Computer Image Generation, Programming Vertex and PixelIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to Theoretical Computer Sciencetheoretical computer science, NP-completeness, Recognizing IntermediateEnroll Now Free
MongoDBData Wrangling with MongoDBGathering Data, Assessing Data, Cleaning Data, Data Wrangling,IntermediateEnroll Now Free
AWS deepracerFull Stack FoundationsFlask, CRUD, Model-View-Controller, Python, Object-relational MappingIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechGT Refresher Advanced OSOperating Systems, Virtual Memory, File Systems, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityDeploying a Hadoop ClusterData Analysis, Hadoop, MapReduceIntermediateEnroll Now Free
LyftObjective C for Swift DevelopersiOS, Swift, Objective-C, Control Flow SyntaxIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityAutoLayoutDesign, UI, Stack Views, ConstraintsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
FacebookPasswordless Login Solutions for IOSAccount Kit, Facebook SDK, Graph APIIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityServer-Side SwiftSwift Package Manager, MySQL, Docker, Terraform, MicroservicesIntermediateEnroll Now Free
FacebookMobile Design and Usability for IOSProduct Design, PrototypingIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityCore ML- Machine Learning for IOSiOS, Image Classification, Core MLIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityAsynchronous Java Script RequestAsynchronous Data Retrieval, Ajax with XHR, Ajax with jQuery, Ajax with FetchIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to AjaxAsynchronous requests with JavaScript, Data APIs, Web IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityJavaScript and the DOMJavascriptIntermediateEnroll Now Free
ChronicleIntroduction to Cyber securityCyber SecurityIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechDatabase Systems Concepts and DesignDatabase Management Systems, Relational Algebra, Sequential IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechCompilers: Theory & PracticeCompilers, Semantic Analysis, Syntax Directed Translation, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechEmbedded SystemsVLIW Architecture, Compilers for Embedded Systems, Differential IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to BackendUser Input, Producing templated output, Databases and data stores, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechIntro to Relational DatabasesRational databases, SQL, Python API, Python DB-APIIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechNetwork SecurityCryptography, Systems Security, Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, Penetration Testing, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityC++ For ProgrammersPointers and Arrays, Control Flow, Object Oriented Programming, C++ IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to JQueryjQuery, DOM Structure, Reading jQuery documentation, Modify HTML attributes and contentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityDynamic Web Applications with SinatraRuby, Sinatra, Building web applicationsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityThe MVC Pattern in RubyRuby, Sinatra, MVC Design Pattern, Writing organized codeIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityDeploying Applications with HerokuApp Deployment, HerokuIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechCyber-Physical Systems SecurityIndustrial Networks, Industrial Control Systems, Smart Grid IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityObject Oriented Programming in JavaObject Oriented Programming, Java, User InteractionIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityHTTP and Web ServersHTTP, Python, Deploying servicesIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityAuthentication and Authorization : OAuthFlask, OAuth 2.0, Authentication & Authorization, PythonIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechSoftware Analysis and TestingSoftware Testing, Debugging, Dataflow Analysis, Constraint-based Analysis, Symbolic IntermediateEnroll Now Free
FacebookPasswordless Login Solutions for AndroidAndroid, Passwordless Login, Account KitIntermediateEnroll Now Free
FacebookMobile Design and Usability for AndroidAndroid, Mobile Design, UsabilityIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityDesigning RESTful APIsFlask, REST APIs, PythonIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechHuman-Computer InteractionDesign Principles, Direct Manipulation Interfaces, Mental Models, Distributed Cognition, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Amazon App store2D Game Development with LibGDXLibGDX, Game Development, 2DIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Amazon App storeHow to Make a Platformer using LibGDXLibGDX, Game Development, Asset managementIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechComputer NetworkingSoftware-Defined Networking, Data Center Networking, ContentIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechIntro to Information SecuritySoftware Security, Cryptography, Network Security, Privacy, Public IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityJavaScript TestingJavascript Apps, Jasmine testing framework, red-green-refactor IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityGrand Central Dispatch (GCD)Closures, GCDIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityIntro to IOS App Development with SwiftSwift, UIKit, AVFoundationIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleScalable Microservices With KubernetesMicroservices, Docker, Kubernetes, Deploying MicroservicesIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityObject Oriented JavaScriptObject Oriented Javascript, Object-oriented programming, Data and functionality, Prototypal IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityUIKit FundamentalsAutoLayout, Navigation, Table Views, Collection ViewsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechSoftware Development ProcessSoftware Development Life Cycle, Requirements Engineering, Design IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleIntro to Progressive Web AppsProgressive Web Apps, Service Workers, Web App Manifest, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechSoftware Architecture & DesignUnified Modeling Language, Object Constraint Language, Software IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleGoogle Maps APIsGoogle Maps APIs, Static Maps, Street View imagery, monitoringIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleResponsive ImagesResponsive Images, Mobile Image debugging, Creating responsive graphicsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleWebsite Performance OptimizationChrome Developer Tools, DOM and CSSOM, Critical Rendering Path HTML, CSS and JavaScript IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleAdvanced Android with KotlinKotlin, AndroidIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleBuilding High Conversion Web FormsResearch HTML5 input types, Datalist input, User input validation with HTML5 attribuIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleWeb Tooling and AutomationInstalling Sublime Text, Installing Plugins, Gulp, Live Editing, ESLintIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleResponsive Web Design FundamentalsResponsive design patterns, Remote debugging and emulation, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleOffline Web ApplicationsDeveloping offline-first applications, Understanding Lie-Fi, Service Worker DevTools, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityLearn Swift Programming SyntaxVariables and Constants, Control Flow, Functions, Optionals, OOPIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechIntroduction to Operating SystemsProcesses & Threads, Memory Management, Inter-ProcessIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityDesign of Computer ProgramsComputer Program Design, Python, Design ProcessAdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityApplied CryptographyCryptography, Ciphers, EncryptionAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechHigh Performance Computer ArchitectureProcessor Pipelining, Branch Prediction, Instruction Scheduling, Memory Ordering, MultiprocessoAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechComputability, Complexity & AlgorithmsAlgorithmsAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechAdvanced Operating SystemsOperating System Kernels, Virtualization, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Real-Time AdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechHigh Performance ComputingShared Memory Models, Parallel Algorithms, Distributed Memory Models, Message Passing AdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityConfiguring Linux Web ServersLinux, Linux security, Apache HTTP Server, PostgreSQL database AdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityIOS Persistence and Core DataData Persistence, Core Data, UserDefaults, FileManagerAdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityES6 - JavaScript ImprovedJavaScript, ES6, Syntax, FunctionsAdvancedEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechIntroduction to Graduate AlgorithmsAlgorithmsAdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityIOS Networking with SwiftNetworking, URLSession, JSON ParsingAdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityHow to Make an IOS AppiOS, Ideation and Research, UI, App StoreAdvancedEnroll Now Free
NutanixIntro to DevOpsDevOps, CAMS principles, Continuous Integration, Delivery AdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityXCode DebuggingDebugging, LLDBAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleAndroid PerformanceAndroid Development, Performance, OptimizationAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleAdvanced Android App DevelopmentAndroid Development, Fragments, Libraries, Firebase, EspressoAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleBrowser Rendering OptimizationBrowser Rendering Response, Animation, Idle and Load (RAIL), Optimizing JavaScript, How to Advanced
UdacityKotlin for Android DevelopersKotlin, AndroidAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleWeb AccessibilityAccessibility, Screen Readers, Focus, Semantics, ARIAAdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleFront End FrameworksSingle Page Applications, Building Angular apps, Building Ember AdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleClient Server CommunicationHTTP request and response cycle, HTTP headers and verbs, HTTP/1 AdvancedEnroll Now Free
GoogleJavaScript PromisesNative JavaScript Promises, Asynchronous codeAdvancedEnroll Now Free
UdacityJavaScript Design PatternsSeparating concerns, Code organization,AdvancedEnroll Now Free

When we consider both paid & free courses, Udacity has the highest number of courses in the programming & Development category. There are total of 111 courses of all levels that can be accessed free of cost. These courses are of high value and are the best resource for those aspiring to be a programmer. The Udacity updates free courses list frequently and adding more courses for learners.

Udacity Autonomous Systems Free Courses

Offered ByCourse NameSkill CoveredLevelAction
BaiduSelf-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring ApolloApollo HD Map, Localization, Perception, Prediction, Planning, ControlBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityDifferential Equations in ActionMath, Differential EquationsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
Georgia TechCyber-Physical Systems Design and AnalysisCyber-Physical Systems AdvancedEnroll Now Free

In the above category, A total of three courses of level beginner, intermediate and Advanced, is being offered free of cost.

Udacity Business Related Free Courses

Offered ByCourse NameSkill CoveredLevelAction
UpworkManaging Remote Teams with UpworkTeam Management, Workforce Training, Business Strategy, Agile Management, Remote WorkBeginnerEnroll Now Free
AlteryxProblem Solving with Advanced AnalyticsLinear RegressionBeginnerEnroll Now Free
AlteryxCreating an Analytical DatasetData Issues, Data Formatting, Data BlendingBeginnerEnroll Now Free
UdacityHow to Build a StartUpEntrepreneurship, Value Proposition, Revenue Models, IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleProduct DesignProduct Design, Design Sprints, Ideation and Validation, UI/UXIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleApp MonetizationProduct Design, Google AnalyticsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleApp MarketingApp Marketing, User Segmentation, Customer IntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleRapid PrototypingPrototyping, User Research, inVisionIntermediateEnroll Now Free
GoogleGet Your StartUp StartedEntrepreneurship, BootstrappingIntermediateEnroll Now Free
AlteryxClassification ModelsBinary Classication Models, Non-Binary Classification ModelsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityA/B Testing for Business AnalystsA/B Randomized Design Tests, A/B Matched Pair Design TestsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacityTime Series ForcastingTime Series Forecasting, ETS Models, ARIMA ModelsIntermediateEnroll Now Free
UdacitySegmentation & ClusteringVariable Reduction, Clustering Models designIntermediateEnroll Now Free

In business category, All free courses upskill the learners. However, Product Design, App Monetization, Segmentation and Clustering are no less than paid courses. These three courses have immense value and resources.

How to Access Udacity Courses for Free

Go to the catalog and enter ‘Free’ into the search box. Most courses in the search results are labeled as ‘Free’.

When you select the course, you will see the details of what you can access and what you won’t be able to get.

What Do You Get When You Access Udacity Courses for Free? The major advantage is Industry relevant content—the same quality content.

Other features available in the paid package that you won’t access with a free course include:

  • Project reviews
  • Mentorship
  • Certification
  • Career Services/ Job assistance

You should note that industry professionals develop Udacity’s Nanodegrees. What’s more, the online learning platform partners with companies such as Google, Facebook, and IBM. Many reputable universities to develop its in-demand courses. Another advantage is that you can learn at your pace. So even without the certificate, you will still gain a lot by auditing the courses. But you will not have access to mentorship, or have experts review your project. This is a major drawback for courses that require hands-on projects.

Moreover, while those that enroll in the paid Nanodegree pathway get access to career services and job assistance after graduation, those auditing the courses won’t.


Are Udacity courses free? The answer depends on your learning goals.

The e-learning platform offers some great content in their Nanodegrees. But if you don’t have the money to pay for them, or you just want to audit the materials, you can take many of the courses for free. Should you take free courses on Udacity? Of course. You can’t substitute the free classes with the paid Nanodegree—which includes career services, mentorship, and project review. However,you can access quality learning materials and gain the necessary skills.

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