Linkedin Learning or Lynda Course List

Since its inception in 1995, has focused its efforts on providing a prolific online educational platform. After acquiring in 2015, LinkedIn turned in into an ultimate online forum for professional learning, calling it LinkedIn Learning. This collaboration has revolutionized the online learning domain with its savvy subscription-based model. The Lynda course list encompasses a broad range of topics to buy and study online, offering unlimited educational opportunities for people all over the globe.

This article covers the quality and range of courses that are currently being offered by LinkedIn Learning.

Lynda course list

  • Online developer courses and training

The ever-evolving technology makes is extremely crucial for professionals to stay on top of the latest advances. The technical tutorials available on LinkedIn Learning are a great way of keeping your knowledge updated. Courses such as PHP frameworks, Jquery, Java and many more, comprise the extensive tech training being offered by LinkedIn Learning, in the areas of software and web development.

  • Graphic and web design tutorials

From designing a logo to the creation of an ebook, the design courses available on LinkedIn Learning provides you with all the answers you need to improve your design skill-set. Courses on Illustrator and InDesign will help you familiarize yourself with the basics. While you can also get into the nitty-gritty of designing for print by learning about pen tools and typography.

  • Business learning

Some of the quality business courses available on LinkedIn Learning offers a wide variety of topics such as Business analysis and strategy, business software and tools, career development, customer service, financial accounting and many more. Covering all the major areas of business such as finance, Human resources, Leadership and management, sales and marketing, and project development, there is no aspect of entrepreneurship that has been left untouched.

  • Creative courses

The online courses being offered by LinkedIn Learning, in the creativity domain are extremely dynamic and robust in their approach towards elevating your creativity skills to the next level. This includes courses on creative brainstorming techniques, step-by-step creative processes, generation of innovative and resonating ideas. Stimulating your creativity is a lot easier with the quality of creative learning courses on LinkedIn Learning.

  • Photography courses

The photography courses will teach you everything you need to know about photography, starting from the very basics about gear and equipment, how to use them, and so on. The courses cover night-landscape photography to street photography and also cover using editing applications like Photoshop. Furthermore, they cover skill-knowledge like shutter speed and aperture settings along with a variety of camera options to learn about. These skills will equip the learners with an adept skill set to pursue a career in professional photography.

  • Online video-making courses

Different courses on film-making, cinematography, and short video-making are available on LinkedIn Learning. Different aspects of the videography are covered under a diverse range of topics on online video-making. These include lightroom mastering, using Photoshop, video-making basics, and various other fundamentals. These refined courses provide all the necessary knowledge and skill required for making a career in the same field.

Lynda course pricing

The subscription-based model adopted by LinkedIn Learning has made online learning extremely accessible to many people. According to Lynda pricing, you have to opt into the monthly or annual plan by purchasing a subscription on the website. The Lynda course fee amounts to $25 per month. Once you subscribe, you obtain access to all the courses available on the website. If you happen to opt for the annual subscription you will be able to save up to 36% on the overall cost of a subscription. Also, there is a free one-month trial available, during which you can test out the Lynda course for free.

Lynda course review

After Microsoft took over LinkedIn in December 2016, there have been many remarkable design choices introduced on LinkedIn Learning, making it extremely easy to use. The design is fairly simple to navigate, and you will be able to easily find what you were looking for. As far as the content is considered, LinkedIn Learning tries to keep up with the changing landscape by updating its courses on a timely basis. This especially true for the technical courses and lectures. The effort is oriented towards providing only the relevant information to the subscribers.

There are not many, who have covered this unique feature in their Lynda course review. This feature is called the learning path. It is basically, a combination of courses that are accumulated all under one roof, labeled as a single course. For instance, if you are looking for a course on writing you may opt for a learning path that is being taught by three different instructors who are all covering a diverse range of themes and topics, separate from each other. In this way you get more bang for your buck, as you can now learn the same subject through a variety of different perspectives, making you gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the subject.

There is another feature that distinguishes LinkedIn Learning from other learning apps and that is the offline learning feature. All you need is a desktop application, you are good to go. So even when the internet connection is down, your learning will remain uninterrupted.


Unlimited access: There is no limitation on LinkedIn Learning, as far as accessibility to the courses is concerned. So once you subscribe you get complete access to every class available on the platform.

Tech-savvy: The platform is easily reachable through smartphones, with the help of an application, there is no additional gear needed.

Software-specific training: Learning the ins and outs of a certain software package can go a long way in shaping your career trajectory. That is exactly what you get in the Lynda course list.

Regular up-gradations: The courses are not only updated from time to time, but there are also new courses being added every week, making Linkedin learning course list, one of the most prolific ones out there.

Affordable pricing: As far as Lynda pricing is concerned, there is no other equivalent. It is surprising how LinkedIn Learning, manages to provide so many courses, at such affordable prices.

Target demographic: Working people, stay-at-home mothers, and students are likely to find something beneficial for them in the long Lynda course list.


No lifetime access: Once your subscription period is over, you no longer would be able to access the courses on the website.

No projects: There are no projects available on the site for more hands-on learning for the subscribers.


Now that you have familiarised yourself with some of the essentials of the Lynda course list, you can now go ahead and take a free trial of the one-month subscription on LinkedIn Learning. You will find it useful to check it yourself and see whether you are finding the courses useful or not.



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