Coursera financial aid application with example answers

Coursera makes it possible to earn a course certificate or degree online from the comfort of your home. The Coursera user can access most of the course content free of cost through an audit or free mode. But to get a certificate of completion, the user requires to pay the Coursera course fee. Coursera has made payment options very flexible. The user has the option to pay a monthly subscription, in installment, or full course payment. The user who is unable to afford the course fee has the option of financial aid or scholarship from Coursera. Though, all online learners do not get financial aid. Coursera reviews the financial aid application of the user and approves or rejects it on the basis of the information provided.

Here, in this post, I am going to share all details related to the application, how to apply and with Coursera financial aid application example answers.

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Coursera financial aid application

To get financial aid, the user needs to apply online. However, all applications are not approved. Moreover, financial aid is not available for all the Coursera courses.

Generally, Coursera takes 15 days to review an financial aid application. During this time, you can access course material using audit mode or Coursera free mode. In case, you have started a free trial, your application will not be reviewed. You will need to pay for the course after Coursera free trial ends.

Therefore, do not enroll in a course using a free trial if you are looking for Coursera financial aid.

Financial aid application content plays an important role in approval. You should always submit factual details. Do not copy the application answers from any source and always submit real information.

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Time needed: 30 minutes.

To apply for financial aid, you will need to visit the course page for which you are seeking financial help.

  1. Visit the course page and click financial aid button

    When you will visit the course page, you will see the financial aid available button beside the Enrollment button. If this button is not shown, it means it is either a free course or financial aid is not available for the course. To apply online, click the button. Coursera financial aid application

  2. Confirm for Application

    When you will complete the above-mentioned step, it will ask you to confirm that you want financial aid for this course. Click on Continue to the application, button. You will need to wait for 15 days to access course content. For immediate access, you require to enroll with a free trial and will not be eligible for financial help.application step 2

  3. Confirm about accurate information

    Check the two boxes asking for submitting accurate information and committing to finishing the course on time. Thereafter fill up the box with I agree to the terms above and click the continue button.Step 3

  4. Fill all information Accurately

    In this step, you will fill up all the important information and click the submit button. Later, I will tell you the financial aid application example answer. Once you submit application, you will receive an email from Coursera.Submit financial ad application

After submitting the application, wait for Coursera’s email about application approval or rejection. It will take atleast 15 days for review. If your application is approved, you will be enrolled in the course without paying any fee.

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In case the application is rejected, Coursera mentions the cause of rejection in email. You can correct it and resubmit again.

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Users looking for financial aid for specialization courses, require to apply for financial aid for individual courses. For instance, you want to enroll yourself for “python for everybody specialization” and want financial aid.

There are 5 courses in this specialization. Therefore you will need to apply for financial aid 5 times during the entire specialization. It means financial aid is approved for a single course at one time.

Financial Aid Application example answers

While submitting the online application, you will need to submit your personnel details, educational background and financial condition.

Users can access the application online through desktop only. You will not be able to see the financial aid application button through mobile. So use desktop while applying online.

My name is Donald Duke, and I am a third-year student at the University of Switzerland. I am currently pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Finance degree. I am applying for Coursera financial aid to learn new skills and improve my employability after graduation.

Even though I am a Finance major, I understand the benefits of coding. Therefore, it has always been my dream to learn to program. The course, Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python), covers the basics of how to construct a program from a series of instructions in Python. Since I am a beginner, I find the course suitable because anyone with moderate computer experience can understand the course materials.Though I have been teaching myself how to code, I believe I would benefit from the peer reviews, graded projects, and expert feedback provided on the course.

However, I am short of funds at the moment. Though I have a part-time job as a virtual assistant, what I earn is barely enough to cover my basic needs. As such, I won’t be able to afford the $49 per month subscription for the course. Moreover, my guardians are not financially capable of sponsoring my extra-curricular classes. They are retired and are only able to provide minimal support for even my university studies. I am auditing the class currently and excited about what I could achieve if I have access to the graded assignments and projects. Most importantly, I would like to earn a certificate after completion to add to my credentials.

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How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?

Many roles in finance require programming. Having learned Excel, SQL, and Matlab, I found the Programming for everyone (Getting Started with Python), the perfect fit for my learning. Python is an excellent language to process data. My career goals are built around becoming a financial analyst or roles that involve quantitative finance. Therefore, I need a good knowledge of IT. With an understanding of programming using Python, I will be able to create programs that help with financial calculations and creating graphs. I can even build software for accounting and finance. For instance, I can easily code an algorithm in Python and run it on data to see how well my strategy performs. Also, based on my experience, SQL only retrieves and organizes data. Using Python, I would be able to directly import SQL queries and work with the data it returns in more complex ways.

My aim is to take more advanced programming courses in the Specialization on completion. I hope to use the technologies learned throughout the Specialization to design and create my own applications for financial data processing.

Moreover, current trends have shown that banks and fintech are undergoing a global revolution, thanks to machine learning. Therefore, having a programming mindset will be a crucial advantage for me in the future.

I hope it will help you to apply for Coursera financial aid. Having any question related to it, post in comment section. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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